Plan A Die-In

Resources for Local Organizers

– Local Senate or Congressional offices as relevant
– Public spaces with high visibility

Elements of an Effective Die-In:
– Demonstrators assemble with tombstones, stand or march around as people assemble
– Key messaging: tombstones reflect potential causes of death under Republican plan

Brief remarks
– Overview of the event
– Ideally remarks from individuals personally affected
– People with tombstones surround speakers for strong visual

3-minute Die-In ­
– People lie down with tombstones, ideally with somber music such as Taps

Social Media element:
– Tweet your tombstone at your representative using hashtags #dying4care and #stopTrumpcare
– Tweet at both Republicans and Democrats – we need strong support from all Democrats!
– Tweet at local media and encourage them to feature images


Indivisible Guide Die-In Planning Guide

Political Street Theater: How to Organize a Die-In to Protest Attacks
on Medicaid, Affordable Care Act and Other Safety Net Programs

How to make a tombstone: