Republicans in the Senate are renewing their efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and enact “Trumpcare.” If the Republican plan is passed, Americans will die without access to care.

On June 4th, join in a nationwide Die-In for Healthcare. In cities and towns across the country, citizens will come together to dramatize the real potential impact of Republican health care policy. Trumpcare would cause tens of millions to lose insurance, slash Medicaid coverage, increase premiums for seniors and the sick, gut protections for those with pre-existing conditions, jeopardize health care jobs, and enrich health insurance companies and the wealthy. Across the nation, people will symbolically “die,” holding tombstones that forecast real causes of death under this devastating Republican approach to healthcare. Join your neighbors to oppose Trumpcare and demand affordable healthcare for all!

Attend A Die-In

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New York City – Manhattan (location TBA)
(Details here)

Santa Rosa, California (Details here)

New Haven, Connecticut (map)
(Details here)

Honolulu, Hawaii (Details here)

Boston, Massachusetts (Details here)

Northampton, Massachusetts (Details here)

Michigan (multiple locations) (Details here)

Concord, New Hampshire (Details here)

Hackensack, New Jersey (map)
(Details here)

Marlton, New Jersey (Details here)

Mays Landing, New Jersey (Details here)

Cincinnati, Ohio (12pm at Senator Rob Portman’s Office, 312 Walnut Street at E. 3rd Street, Cincinnati, OH)

King of Prussia, PA (on June 10th) (Details here)

Dallas, Texas (on May 31st) (Details here)

Seattle, Washington (Details coming soon)

Appleton, Wisconsin (Details here)

Janesville, Wisconsin (Details here)

Racine, Wisconsin (map)
(Details here)

Plan A Die-In

Resources for Local Organizers

– Local Senate or Congressional offices as relevant
– Public spaces with high visibility

Elements of an Effective Die-In:
– Demonstrators assemble with tombstones, stand or march around as people assemble
– Key messaging: tombstones reflect potential causes of death under Republican plan

Brief remarks
– Overview of the event
– Ideally remarks from individuals personally affected
– People with tombstones surround speakers for strong visual

3-minute Die-In ­
– People lie down with tombstones, ideally with somber music such as Taps

Social Media element:
– Tweet your tombstone at your representative using hashtags #dying4care and #stopTrumpcare
– Tweet at both Republicans and Democrats – we need strong support from all Democrats!
– Tweet at local media and encourage them to feature images


Indivisible Guide Die-In Planning Guide

Political Street Theater: How to Organize a Die-In to Protest Attacks
on Medicaid, Affordable Care Act and Other Safety Net Programs

How to make a tombstone:

In the Media

RESIST! #SaveACA and #RejectTrumpcare Die-Ins

Protesters flood Brooklyn streets for die-in against Obamacare repeal
efforts (Daily News, March 11 2017)

Die-in held in Brooklyn to protest the repealing of the Affordable
Care Act (Pix11, March 11 2017)

Protest over Republican health bill (Fox 5, March 12 2017)

Threat of Obamacare Repeal Motivates Patients to Become Activists
(Time, March 24 2017)

Many Americans were skeptical of GOP’s Obamacare replacement even
before CBO predicted big coverage losses (CNBC, March 15 2017)

Americans Demand Single-Payer Health Care at GOP Town Hall (Rolling
Stone, May 11 2017)